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Scalp Care with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

Scalp Care with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

     --- Credit: Engin Akyurt/Unsplash

ReFa stays ahead of trends with two new products designed to help you care for your scalp and banish build up.

At the 2022 Pinterest Predicts press conference held earlier this month, the lifestyle platform revealed some of 2023’s hottest trends and forecasted what will be all the rage in the coming year. Because Pinterest is able to analyze what people are searching for, they can nail down upcoming trends before they bubble up to the surface. And at ReFa, we’re always interested in staying ahead of the curve, whether it’s with our proprietary testing labs or our influencer relationships. 


One of Pinterest’s predictions for 2023 is an explosion in “crown care,” or beauty treatments geared towards the scalp. Some of the findings include a focus on “skinification,” efforts to maintain a healthy and clean scalp. People are also interested in scalp treatments to remove build up, soothe dry and itchy scalp, and help hair growth. You heard it here first, scalp care is the new self-care, and ReFa has you covered with two new products designed to help you make crown care an integral part of your beauty routine. 


Without further ado, meet ReFa’s star products that launched in 2022 that can help promote a beautiful and healthy scalp in 2023.


This amazing and revolutionary shower head has so many uses. And amazing scalp care is one of them!

Use this easy-to-install shower head to help remove scalp build up. The innovative Fine Bubble technology uses a special cavitation system to help you care for your scalp.


ReFa FINE BUBBLE S offers a deep cleanse to remove product build up, without even a drop of shampoo.

Ultrafine bubbles gently remove oil and impurities from the scalp, while microbubbles latch onto scalp build up so you can wash it down the drain. 



To help wash away scalp build up, use a clarifying shampoo when you shower with the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S. The best clarifying shampoos are sulfate free to help prevent and treat scalp build up.


The ReFa HEART BRUSH (Rose Gold)

Pinterest also predicted that scalp massage is about to explode. This holiday season, ReFa launched a new type of brush with special bristles designed to comfortably stimulate your scalp, giving you the benefit of a gentle scalp massage as you brush your hair.

How It Works

The three-level bristle structure detangles and adds shine.


The ReFa HEART BRUSH has three levels with two kinds of bristles:

Detangling bristles:

These work to take on knots at every angle and gently detangle hair without damaging it. 

Polishing bristles:

These work to brush the hair’s surface layer, so it regains its shine and feels smooth. 


Use the ReFa HEART BRUSH for: 

  • Low stress brushing—The easy-to-grip heart shape distributes force naturally, minimizing stress on your hair and scalp. 
  • Benefits to your scalp, too—The round-tipped bristles comfortably stimulate your scalp. Enjoy a gentle massage that can also help move oils from the scalp to the tips of your hair.
  • A convenient way to style on-the-go—The dedicated cover prevents bristles from breaking or bending, making it perfect to carry around. Plus, the chic rose gold color makes carrying this brush a fashion moment all on its own.