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Beware of Counterfiets

Several customers have voiced their concerns regarding their purchases of counterfeit products. For your safety, we ask that you please purchase genuine ReFa products. Counterfeit ReFa products and unauthorized sellers

With cumulative sales of MTG’s ReFa series totaling over 5 million units, an unfortunate consequence of its popularity has been the appearance of counterfeit versions of “ReFa CARAT” over recent years, primarily in China and Southeast Asia. ReFa authorized warranty services do not apply to these counterfeit products or to parallel import products, and may even entail risks such as quality problems. The following information will help you make informed decisions about your purchase. Please always make sure you find your ReFa products at an authorized retailer or wholesaler. To find a location near you, please use our Store Locator page.

How to identify counterfeit ReFa

Design & Packaging

It is very difficult to distinguish a genuine ReFa product from a counterfeit based on the outer packaging. For your safety, we ask that you please purchase genuine ReFa product from our authorized dealers.

Confirm the platinum coating

It may be difficult to see the difference, but a genuine ReFa roller is coated completely with a high quality platinum coating. Counterfeit product rollers are not completely coated by platinum and may result in allergic reactions due to coating with other metals or adulterated platinum.

Counterfeit control

These are some examples of counterfeits discovered at customs.

Quality of counterfeit of ReFa CARAT

  • Counterfeit products often do not produce microcurrent.
  • Check the handle and roller parts. If there are openings or cracks in the handle or roller where water can enter, it is a counterfeit.
  • Watch out for handle defects. Counterfeit products often have bumps, scratches, burrs, flakes from coating, or other defects on the handle that could damage your skin.

For Product Warranty

A counterfeit product will not qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty and cannot be serviced at MTG USA, Inc. (DBA ReFa USA), the exclusive U.S. importer of ReFa products. Also please be aware that counterfeit products may not be safe to use in the same ways we would recommend use of genuine ReFa products. MTG USA, Inc. (DBA ReFa USA) does not take responsibility for any damages, injuries, or defects that result from using counterfeit products.

Unauthorized Internet Sellers

A notice to imitators, counterfeiters, and unauthorized sellers

MTG USA, Inc. (DBA ReFa USA) is the exclusive importer and distributor, as well as, the exclusive licensee of copyrighted marketing materials and trademarks of ReFa products in North America. Any unauthorized sellers using copyrighted materials and trademarks constitute infringement of copyright and trademark rights. Under U.S. law, MTG USA, Inc. (DBA ReFa USA) is entitled to an injunction against any continued infringement, as well as, to recover damages from loss and damages as a result of infringing conduct. If unauthorized sellers continue to infringe copyright and trademark rights, MTG USA, Inc. (DBA ReFa USA) will direct legal counsel to seek all available legal redress from unauthorized sellers, including, but not limited to, treble damages for willful infringements.

All copyrights whatsoever for information on this product (documents, images, video, audio, design, etc.) are the property of MTG Co., Ltd. Copying, using, duplicating, altering etc. any such information without the express written permission of MTG Co., Ltd. is prohibited by law. Also, posting on the Internet is prohibited regardless of the purpose and method used.