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Discover our newest product,
A revolutionary showerhead
with an innovative Japanese double
cavitation technology.

Double Spiral Cavitation:

Technology that saturates water to the maximum capacity with two kinds of bubbles.

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S features a unique technology that employs pressurized dissolution and double cavitation to maximize water saturation with ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles.


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Ultrafine Bubble & Microbubbles Technology

Two kinds of bubbles for a more powerful, deeper clean

Earth Friendly

Save up to 65% on water

Hydrate as you cleanse

Helps increase water content of skin by up to 36%

Ultrafine Bubbles & Microbubbles:

Two kinds of bubbles for even more beautiful skin

To keep the water in your bath or shower from irritating your skin, ReFa has incorporated Japanese Fine Bubble technology into the design of the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S. This technology enables our revolutionary showerhead to create two kinds of bubbles: ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. Substantially smaller than typical bubbles, each type possesses a unique cleansing mechanism that unclogs pores to help bring out the visible beauty of your skin.



Double the cleansing capability

Ultrafine bubbles gently flush out your pores to remove impurities from deep inside of them, while
microbubbles unclog pores by latching onto impurities and floating away.

1. Ultrafine bubbles latch onto impurities in the pores and float away.

2. The process of attaching and floating away is repeated until even the tiniest impurities are removed.

1. Microbubbles latch onto impurities that have built up in the pores.

2. The bubbles remove the built-up impurities.

Scalp Cleansing

Use the Jet mode of ReFa FINE BUBBLE S to give your scalp an intense clean.

Cleansing Mechanism: Hydrophobic Interaction

1. Hydrophobic dirt particles attach to the hydrophobic surfaces of the bubbles.

2. As dirt floats to the surface, the bubbles help absorb particles to remove them effectively.


Hydrate As You Cleanse

Ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles hydrate the skin as they gently remove impurities.

*Subjects: 7 subjects, male and female, ranging in age from 22 to 50. Test method: Washed the subjects’ hands with soap and let them acclimate in a 17.7° C +/- 1° C room for 20 minutes. Exposed the backs of the subjects’ hands to the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S on Mist mode (temperature 36.0 +/- 2° C, flow rate 4.6 +/- 0.4L/min) for 40 seconds, then measured the water content of the stratum corneum.


A Choice Of Four Spray Patterns To
Meet Your Skin's Needs

With four separate spray patterns to choose from, the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S can be customized to
meet a variety of skin needs: removing impurities from a particular area, warming your whole body,
or saturating your skin with hydration.





How To Install

About Shower Hose / Shower Bracket compatible with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

ReFa FINE BUBBLE S does not come with a hose and bracket in the package.Therefore, we are offering a shower hose and bracket set available at now.

The hose and bracket comes in one package and is produced to be perfectly compatible with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S.

  • We chose food grade materials for the inner tube and insert of the hose.
  • The hose and bracket both are completely lead and toxin free.
  • The hose and bracket can safely be used every day for your loved ones.
  • The hose and bracket will be offered for an additional $20. (MSRP $25 / 20% off)
  • For those who need a hose and bracket set, please choose the sets with perks!

Remove your current shower head.

1. Close the faucet.

2. Remove your current shower head by turning it counterclockwise.

Easy install of ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

1. Turn ReFa FINE BUBBLE S clockwise to install.

2. Open the faucet and check the water discharge.

*Before installing ReFa FINE BUBBLE S, please make sure you have a shower hose. ReFa FINE BUBBLE S does NOT come with a shower hose.

A next-level Home Spa Experience To Help Save The Planet

One-step attachment makes installation easy. Replacing your shower head with
the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S can reduce your water usage by up to 65%.

To measure and compare ReFa FINE BUBBLE S and general shower flow rates: Feb. 21, 2022, ReFa Fine Bubbles Water Flow Test: 10L/min, 40 °C +/- 1 ° C

At Refa, We Are Always Working Hard To Test Our Products!

A machine in the ReFa development lab tests the quality of microbubbles generated by the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S.

Product Certificates

Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA) Registered Product

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S conforms to the registration criteria for fine bubble products based on the shower head measurement method established by the Fine Bubble Industries Association (FBIA).

WaterSense Certified

Meets US EPA’s specifications for water efficiency

CSA Certified

Meets certified standards requirements for North American products

TPCH Certified

Certified by Toxic Packaging Compliance & Conformance

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Authenticity Assured - Beware of Counterfeits

Several customers have voiced concerns regarding counterfeit ReFa products.
Rest assured that ReFa FINE BUBBLE S units sold at and all our authorized ReFa sellers are specialized products that comply with all U.S. federal and state laws, including specific regulations related to shower head flow. For your safety, and to guarantee that you are purchasing a genuine ReFa product, we ask that you please purchase ReFa products only at our authorized seller(s). ReFa products that are not purchased at unauthorized sellers are not covered by our one year warranty.
With cumulative sales of MTG’s ReFa roller series totaling over 10 million units, an unfortunate consequence of its popularity has been the appearance of counterfeit versions of ReFa products over recent years, primarily in China and Southeast Asia. ReFa authorized warranty services are not extended to and do not apply to counterfeit products or to products sold by unauthorized sellers. Such products may also suffer quality control problems or defects that pose risk of harm to users. Please always make sure to purchase ReFa products from an authorized retailers or