Say Happy Mother's Day with ReFa Make Mom Glow Set

Say Happy Mother's Day with ReFa Make Mom Glow Set
A Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you pamper Mom

At ReFa, we always want to make Mom glow.  And not just Mom, but all the special women in your life who’ve helped support you and your dreams. When you give with intention, a gift can leave the recipient feeling radiant, pampered, and adored. ReFa designs products to bring joy to daily routines, both beauty and wellness. When you give ReFa, it’s like giving daily “thank yous” —and we can’t think of anyone more deserving than daily affirmations than Mom.

Receive the chic ReFa Cosmetics Bag, free, with any purchase of $250—it’s the cutest clutch for her vanity. 


Make mom glow with ReFa


Ahead, find gifts from our bestselling collection of ReFa favorites at an incredible Mother’s Day value.

Make mom glow with ReFa


Wellness Mother’s Day Gifts

Perfect ReFa gifts for moms who know the value of self-care, supplements, and pampering in their daily beauty and skincare routine (Calling all spa-bunnies!)


ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY – A delicious beauty ingestible that nourishes inner glow. Feel good, look even better. A BESTSELLER! 

ReFa CARAT RAY FACE – A deluxe tool to focus on the cheeks, jawline, and face, with multiangular rollers. Let this waterproof, platinum-coated roller be the hero of her nightly skincare routine. The massage this roller gives is pure wellness!

Luxury Spa Mother’s Day Gifts

ReFa helps you recreate the spa at home with innovative, shower heads and rollers to that have transformational properties and feel oh-so-good on the skin. 


ReFa FINE BUBBLE S (With Hose and Bracket) — This innovating spa showerhead launched last summer and continues to be a beauty editor favorite. It uses ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles to lift away skin and scalp impurities, and features 4 different spray modes to create a luxury spa shower experience.

ReFa RAY Starter LUXE Set — An invitation to luxury rolling—featuring two platinum-coated face and small area rollers (great for around the eyes, and around the upper lip).  This set includes our classic ReFa CARAT RAY roller and our petite ReFa S CARAT RAY roller.

ReFa EXPRESSION EYE VEIL CREAM – Gentle enough to use every day, with or without a special roller to target the delicate eye area. 

Add on the sweetest heart-shaped ReFa HEART BRUSH (Rose Gold)

Make mom glow with ReFa

The ReFa HEART BRUSH (Rose Gold) detangles and adds sheen at the same time. Use it for low stress brushing, benefits to the scalp, and for convenient brushing on the go—comes with a heart-shaped case in rose gold pink. Perfect for the gym bag! 


Luxury Skincare Mother’s Day Gifts

Give luxury skincare from the Japanese skincare line that uses only superior ingredients, patented scientific designs, and innovative technology to formulate everything in the line.


ReFa CAXA M1 – A gorgeous mini roller that’s sleek enough to fit in her favorite purse. It gives an incredible on-the-go facial massage. 

ReFa Ultra Cleansing Duo — Experience a cleanse unlike any other with this value set that includes the ReFa CLEAR 3D Sonic Ion cleansing brush and our luxurious hydrating ReFa EXPRESSION ENRICH SOAP.