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Try Slugging with ReFa FACE-UP CREAM

Try Slugging with ReFa FACE-UP CREAM

At ReFa, we love a good skincare trend, especially one that delivers results. Slugging is a dermatologist recommended skincare moisturizing routine we can get behind.

What is Slugging?

You’ve seen the trendy skincare all over TikTok, but what exactly is slugging? Don’t worry, the answer has nothing to do with those slimy mollusks you can find in your garden. Well, not directly. 

Slugging is a moisturizing technique where you apply a thick coat of an occlusive moisturizer as the final step in your evening skincare routine. In the morning, wipe your face clean of any product that hasn't been absorbed. The result will leave you with a glowing complexion with a "slug-like" sheen, which gives the technique its name. 

Slugging locks in hydration by creating a moisture sandwich between your skin, and a thick, emulsifying cream. Many dermatologists recommend that you apply your regular skincare routine, treating your skin with nutrients and active ingredients, then apply the slugging cream as the final step. It's an effective technique especially if you're prone to dryness, are experiencing a sun burn, or live in a cold or dry climate. Many people love to use Vaseline or Aquaphor to slug, but if you have acne-prone or oily skin, this might seem like a terrifying pore-clogging prospect. 


Slugging Without Vaseline

Aside from the mess it can leave on your pillow, the major drawbacks to slugging with an occlusive like Vaseline is that the technique can clog pores or cause acne. If you’re acne-prone, admittedly, you might want to shy away from slathering your face with Vaseline. 
Instead of using Vaseline to slug, consider a moisture rich cream like the ReFa FACE-UP CREAM. The ultra-hydrating formula contains ReFa ECT, a proprietary formulation structure that works three ways to cushion, hydrate and nourish the skin. Using Nahlsgen® and hydrating bioengineered extracts of crocus and resurrection plants, the plumping formula helps to restore balance and lock in hydration.


How to Slug with ReFa FACE-UP CREAM

Wash and tone your skin. Apply any serum or retinol product. Apply an eye cream, like the ReFa EXPRESSION EYE VEIL

Apply a thick coat of ReFa FACE-UP CREAM, and do not wipe off until morning. Overnight, the hydrating moisture-rich cream will work its slugging magic, leaving your skin cushiony and soft. Voila! You’re slugging!


What ReFa Customers Think About the ReFa FACE-UP CREAM

“I have only been using the glass and cream for a short time but really like how moisturizing it is. It makes my skin feel well taken care of!” — Judy B, Verified buyer [FIVE STARS]


“So far so good. My skin feels much more supple and hydrated.” — Edie U, Verified buyer [FOUR STARS]

“My skin is very dry and had tried so many different products from La Mer to La Prairie,  but this is by far the best cream I’ve ever used. After two weeks of using this product my skin is very soft and smooth.” — Trang D, Verified buyer [FIVE STARS]