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Influencers Use the New ReFa HEART BRUSH

Influencers Use the New ReFa HEART BRUSH

At Team ReFa, we take hair and skin seriously. Here are tips from a ReFa beauty insider on how to feel beautiful and achieve flawless hair and skin. 

At team ReFa we’re in the lab testing out new products and innovating the best Japanese traditions to give them a modern context. But we also live and breathe beauty, and because we don’t believe in keeping beauty secrets, we’ve started this new series where someone from our team will share tips on what makes her feel beautiful. Kicking off our series is our social media manager who shares how she achieves flawless skin and lustrous hair. What better way to recharge your look for 2023 than with tips from real people on how to feel and look beautiful. Meet Caroline ahead!

Caroline McClelland | Social Media Manager, @carolineanisa 

 Caroline loves to use the ReFa HEART BRUSH to add shine to her locks


What's your favorite ReFa product and why?

 My favorite ReFa product is the ReFa CLEAR. It gently cleanses the skin without scrubbing off your skin. I feel like it also deeply cleanses, and wonderfully removes makeup... again, without drying out or breaking the skin! I also love the ReFa CARAT RAY FACE. It massages, tightens and tones the face with its fabulous microcurrent. And, of course, the latest ReFa HEART BRUSH (ROSE GOLD) is absolutely stunning and gently brushes my hair to shiny perfection. I love seeing it on my vanity as well, as it just glows!


What's your definition of beauty?

 My definition of beauty is really leaning into who you're destined to be—when you follow your heart with full force. 

When do you feel the most beautiful? I feel the most beautiful when I feel healthy. I love working out and eating correctly. When I'm off my workout routine or proper eating habits, I don't feel 100%.

What's your favorite beauty hack? I wouldn't necessarily say this is a hack, but I've been getting natural lash extensions and it really has just changed my makeup routine, as I really only wear foundation and a bit of lip and cheek tint now and fill in my eyebrows. It just lifts the face; I work all the time and am exhausted, but full lashes make my eyes pop.

How do you make sure to stay on top of your skincare routine?

 Well, working for #ReFa helps me do just that, of course. But my gym has a steam room and sauna, so I'm always trying to keep my skin in tip-top condition. Oh, and I love getting facials.

How do you take care of your hair?

 I love using Philip B. Botanicals products. The products truly detangle my hair without breaking it. Additionally, I'm obsessed with the new #ReFaHEARTBRUSH as it gently brushes and shines my hair.

What do you love about having long hair?

 It's SO fun to style now that I have long, long hair. I used to have a short bob years ago, and it was easier to style but I could only style it so many ways... now I have creative liberty.

What's your favorite city and why?

 Nashville, Tennessee. It's where I'm from, but the country music, and food, are always fabulous! If not in the U.S., London. I just love the richness of the traditions mixed with the city life. But I’m based in Los Angeles. 

Favorite thing to do in Los Angeles?

 I'm obsessed with sports events, so I love going to them, as there are so many to choose from in LA!