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Introducing the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

Introducing the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

Discover the Benefits of a Spa Quality Showerhead  

Introducing the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S, a new spa quality showerhead that makes microbubbles

According to a recent study, the average person spends more than 60 hours a year in the shower. The same study notes that women average about 10 minutes per day in the shower, while men clock in at nine minutes, and both take about eight showers per week.  

But not all showers are alike. A spa-quality shower is the most luxurious way to experience your daily shower ritual, and it comes with a host of other benefits. The best part—you don’t need a fancy bathroom remodel to achieve a spa-quality shower; a showerhead designed to with spa qualities can give you the same results and luxe experience.  

What is Japanese Fine Bubble Technology? 

At the nexus of innovative technology and beauty, ReFa has long known about the value of Japanese Fine Bubble Technology. Now, we’ve created a new revolutionary showerhead that brings Japanese Fine Bubble Technology into your bathroom. The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S features a unique technology that employs pressurized dissolution and double cavitation to maximize water saturation with ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles.



Japanese Fine Bubble technology enables our revolutionary showerhead to create two kinds of bubbles: ultrafine bubbles and microbubbles. Substantially much smaller than typical bubbles, each type possesses a unique cleansing mechanism that unclogs pores to help bring out the visible beauty of your skin.


Who Can Use the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S? 

  • Athletes  
  • Wellness enthusiasts 
  • People who live an eco-friendly lifestyle 
  • Anyone looking to relax and unwind at home 


Three Benefits of ReFa FINE BUBBLE S 

  • It offers a deep cleanse.  

Ultrafine bubbles gently flush out your pores to remove impurities from deep inside, while microbubbles unclog pores by latching onto impurities and floating them away.

Microbubbles latch onto impurities that have built up in the pores. The bubbles remove the built-up impurities. 

  • It hydrates skin.  

Gentle spray patterns with fine bubbles keep skin up to 36% more hydrated than traditional showerheads that can strip skin of moisture.   

  • It is eco-friendly to conserve water. 

Showers are responsible for 30% of typical household water usage, so reducing your water during shower time can make a huge impact in your water bill—and also help conserve water for a healthier planet. The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S uses up to 65% less water than traditional showerheads when used in MIST mode. This eco-friendly showerhead is on a mission to help conserve Earth’s natural resource of water every month of the year.