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Skincare Gift Sets to Wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day

Skincare Gift Sets to Wish Mom a Happy Mother’s Day

A Mother’s Day Gift Guide to help you pamper Mom


At ReFa, we always want to make Mom glow.  And not just Mom, but all the special women in your life who’ve supported you through trials and tribulations, big and small. When you give with intention, a gift can hit all the right notes and leave the recipient feeling radiant. 

Ahead, find gifts from our bestselling collection of ReFa favorites at an incredible Mother’s Day value. 


To the One Who Made You Eat Brussel Sprouts and Broccoli 

Health is wealth, right, Mom? She had your back all these years. Gift her something to make her feel amazing in her skin. 

ReFa Collagen Enrich Jelly – A delicious beauty ingestible that nourishes inner glow. Feel good, look even better. 



ReFa 4 CAXA RAY – Our bestselling full body massage tool has four rollers and a crescent line to scoop. It feels incredible in between toes and on calves. 



ReFa EXPRESSION EYE VEIL CREAM – Gentle enough to use every day, with or without a special roller to target the delicate eye area. 

To the One Who Got You to Soccer Practice Every Weekend

If your mom is a mover and shaker, she’s ready to roll with ReFa. Help her find her groove with rollers that glide. 


ReFa CAXA M1 – A gorgeous mini roller that’s sleek enough to fit in her favorite purse. It gives an incredible on-the-go facial massage. 



ReFa 4 Wellness Set – Wellness for the body, from the inside out. The ultimate ReFa wellness set features the ReFa 4 CARAT roller for helping to tone and contour the appearance of face and body, and one box of ReFa COLLAGEN ENRICH JELLY. 


To the One Who Read You Stories Past Your Bedtime

Just one more! For the mom who’s turned a million pages for you, gift her something extra special and indulgent. 


ReFa CARAT RAY FACE – A deluxe tool to focus on the cheeks, jawline, and face, with multiangular rollers. Let this waterproof, platinum-coated roller be the hero of her nightly skincare routine.



ReFa O Yeah Set – Features the dainty ReFa O Style roller to target the delicate eye area and a tube of the luxe ReFa EXPRESSION EYE VEIL. This set will have mom saying, O, YEAH!


To the One Who Made Your Halloween Costumes from Scratch

She’s crafty, your mother. She was into DIY before it was trending on TikTok. Gift her goodies to make her glow, with trending skincare that is designed to celebrate the rituals associated with beauty. 


ReFa CAXA PINK, WHITE & BLACK – Choose mom’s favorite colorway for a sweet roller that can fit in her purse, whenever she needs pampering on the go. 



ReFa MIST Set (includes cartridge + mask) – Give her the look of dewy skin with this spa-worthy tool that works on bare skin or as to set makeup. 

ReFa JEWEL MASK – Stock up on a luxury facial treatment for the softest skin to use with the ReFa MIST Set. Didn’t you mother teach you to be prepared?