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Create an At-Home Spa In Your Own Bathroom

Create an At-Home Spa In Your Own Bathroom

Livable luxuries are all around us, if you know how to find them. Make everyday a spa day from the sanctuary of your own bathroom with easy tips to help you unwind. The popularity of at-home beauty devices means you don’t have to wait for a spa day to treat your body to some much-deserved pampering. Wellness starts with a routine of things you can do for yourself with minimal effort and maximum returns. 


How to create your at-home spa:

Take a sensual soak:

Fill your tub with warm water and create a silk bath using the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S in the tub on Mist Mode. Our new showerhead, made with innovative cavitation technology, creates two types of microbubbles for a penetrative clean that envelopes the body and promotes relaxation. Stay tuned for the drop!

Now add a few drops of essential oils. Choose an oil based on your favorite scent profile as well as the wellness benefits associated with each essential oil. Ylang ylang, rose, lavender, chamomile are all light and relaxing scents that can help get you into a calm state of being. A couple drops go a long way! You can also drop some Epsom salts into the tub to help fatigued muscles relax. No need for a fancy salt—buy them in bulk from Amazon. 

If you don’t have a tub to soak in, you can get the same feeling from slathering your body in a silky oil before stepping into the shower. With the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S showerhead, you can transform your shower into a luxe experience. 

For added sensuality, try using a bath bomb in the shower! The steam helps activate the scent and it’s just as dreamy.



Tune into a meditation:

 You can find tons of meditations on YouTube. Look for Delta Wave meditations to help slow your natural rhythms and regulate your breathing until you’ve entered a Zen state of mind. 


Burn palo santo: This so-called “holy wood” helps rise your vibrations and clear your mind and heart. It’s lightly fragrant and complements a candle or incense. 


Give yourself a facial massage:

Show your face some love as you soak in the tub or relax in the steam. Use the ReFa RAY Starter LUXE Set, which contains two different types of rollers for unique areas of the face. Begin your facial massage with the ReFa CARAT RAY, rolling along your temples and jaw, where you tend to hold tension. Follow with the ReFa CARAT S RAY in the hard-to-reach areas around the eyes and mouth. As you roll, breathe deeply feeling all the sensations of the platinum-coated rollers against your skin. Pure luxury!



Apply a moisture-rich treatment:

Apply a luxe moisturizer, like ReFa EXPRESSION GLOSSY CREAM while your pores are open from the warmth of the soak or steam. Your skin will absorb the lipids of the cream easily and drink up the moisture. Then give yourself a spritz of hydration with the ReFa MIST Set and reapply the ReFa EXPRESSION GLOSSY CREAM. With extra layers of barrier protection to lock in hydration, your skin will be softer than ever to the touch. You can follow the moisture treatment with more rolling, if you feel like it. ReFa moisture treatments are specially formulated to work with our rollers for even deeper penetration of the cream.