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Bathe Pets with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S

Bathe Pets with ReFa FINE BUBBLE S
Sydney Sweeney, Jennifer Aniston, and Hailey Bieber all have been known to pamper their pups with luxe spa treatments. But you don’t have to have a 90210 zip code to treat your pet to a spa-quality bath.  Here’s how to give your dog or a cat a spa-quality at-home bath with the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S. 

ReFa FINE BUBBLE S was researched and developed to make human skin beautiful. But it turned out to be just as amazing for your pets.

Turn The Refa FINE BUBBLE S To MIST MODE To Use For Pets


Just like people, the skin on our furry friends can get dry after bathing.

Keep your pets’ skin hydrated and banish dry patches!

A Gentle Clean to Pamper Your Pet

Ultrafine and Microbubbles help rid pets from dirt and odors with a cleanse that’s gentle on their skin. ReFa FINE BUBBLE S is gentle on delicate dog or cat skin to protect your pet.

  • You can use the shower head in MIST MODE with or without pet shampoo.
  • ReFa FINE BUBBLE S gently removes dirt while hydrating sensitive, dry skin.


Here’s the Science Behind Using ReFa FINE BUBBLE S for Pets
  • 90% of dog owners were very satisfied with using ReFa FINE BUBBLE S to easily clean their dogs
  • 80% of dog owners confirmed ReFa FINE BUBBLE S helped reduce itching in their dogs
  • 80% of dog owners confirmed ReFa FINE BUBBLE S has strong cleansing power
Make Pet Baths Fun

When you use ReFa BUBBLE S in the MIST MODE, you create a gentle, fun spray your pet will enjoy! And never fear.


ReFa FINE BUBBLE S Gets Pet Hair Clean and Fluffy

 Who knows, use the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S on your pet’s fur and you might have a new TikToker on your hands.