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ReFa FINE BUBBLE S Gives a Deep Clean

ReFa FINE BUBBLE S Gives a Deep Clean

It’s the Shower Head Coveted by Beauty Editors—Learn How Ultrafine and Micro Bubbles Help Deep Clean Pores and Remove Makeup As You Shower


Did you know what type of water you use to wash your face can make all the difference when it comes to getting your pores deep down clean? Last month, Byrdie published a viral story about how washing your face with cold water might be the key to a glowing complexion. Indeed, the American Academy of Dermatology suggests washing with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water as opposed to hot water, to get the most of your cleanse. And just like how water temperature can play a role in getting a better clean, so can water pressure. Let us explain.



Look, it’s not all about adding more pressure. At ReFa there’s a team of scientists who understand the right type of pressure can make a difference when it comes to deep, hydrating cleansing.  


ReFa FINE BUBBLE S uses a unique technology method called “pressure dissolution and cavitation” which allows the air that dissolves in tap water to be converted into fine bubbles.


When water passes through the fine bubble generation structure inside our ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head, our unique technology applies pressure to the water to generate fine bubbles. Ultrafine bubbles gently flush out your pores to remove impurities from deep inside them. The result? A more effective way of helping to target clogged pores and make skin soft, glowing, and hydrated.  

“I really love it so much! I honestly didn’t know I could love a showerhead.'' — Beauty content creator, editor and stylist, Lauren Messiah


When you use the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S in MIST Mode, you create a unique spa experience that can help hydrate as you clean. But don’t just take our word for it. 


Beauty content creator and aesthetician, Tiffany Hanner says, “Having this Luxury Shower Head in my home makes taking a shower feel like a spa every time.

Pro Tip:
Use the ReFa FINE BUBBLE S in MIST mode to help deep clean and remove makeup, so you can achieve the cleanest skin, that doesn’t have a trace of makeup, which can clog pores or cause breakouts and irritation.