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Holiday Skin Goals

Holiday Skin Goals

With winter fast approaching and the holidays just around the corner, getting your skin in fabulous shape is a must. As temperatures drop, skin tends to lose some of its moisture. What’s worse, dry, flaky skin does not go with any of your signature holiday looks. But don’t worry, we’ve tapped a celebrity makeup artist to share her tips for how to apply a flawless finish to holiday makeup looks especially on sensitive, winter skin.  

Skin-a-malism is one of the hottest makeup trends of the year. But what is it? Simply put, it emphasizes a natural complexion with softer contours and dewy, glass-like finish. You can achieve this look while still using foundation or concealers to give you the type of coverage you’re looking for, but you’ll need to deploy a special makeup setting technique.  


Ahead, read our exclusive Q&A with celebrity makeup artist, Monika Blunder on how to set makeup for a dewy, fresh look. It’s totally holiday skin goals.  


What are the benefits of using the ReFa MIST to set your makeup?  

When it comes to "setting makeup" I am a big believer in a fresh set  instead of using powders to create a dry set. A fresh set is more vibrant and alive, skin looks more radiant and natural this way. Also, it is much more comfortable to wear. 

How should people use the ReFa MIST in your beauty routine?  

One of the things I love most about the ReFa MIST is the versatility. I love to use the mist as the final step after using ReFa rollers and any other massage tools. I often use the jewel mask as a pre-makeup hydrator. I also love to use the ReFa MIST to give a glowy set to makeup and one of my most favorite ways to use ReFa MIST is midday to refresh makeup or just to give a nice boost to clean skin.  

What are some techniques using the ReFa MIST that can help extend the wear of your makeup? 

By using the ReFa MIST to refresh makeup, it gives the ability to add more glow without having to touch or manipulate makeup. The microfine mist doesn't break up makeup, it just enhances.  

Can you talk about the benefits of using the ReFa MIST after you remove makeup and cleanse?  

ReFa MIST leaves a really nice fine layer of moisture to skin, it’s not heavy at all, so this is a great refreshing yet hydrated feeling for skin, especially skin that needs some "breathing room" after wearing makeup and product. 



Voilà! There you have it, straight from a pro: a makeup routine that adds moisture to winter skin, without sacrificing coverage.  


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