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ReFa Brand Story

It all started
with a single

Was it possible to replicate the professional caliber of an
esthetician’s hand manipulations in the form of a home-use beauty device?
In 2009, the first ReFa was released as answer to this question,
and with it our challenge began.

One trait that sets a ReFa roller apart from other similar products is the detailed craftsmanship of our developers.
The skin is highly sensitive and beyond our realization.
So simply designing a roller device based on the single aspect of bodily sensation can end up overwhelming the skin with stimulation.
We developed our product by taking everything into account including subliminal stimuli, and conducted several tests and adjustments, such as the angle and positioning of the roller itself, down to the last 1/100 mm.
A ReFa roller is the result of such attention to detail, achieving not only an ideal fit and balance of applied pressure, but comfort and beauty effectiveness. All ReFa products, including cosmetics, are conceived and produced with craftsmanship and an unwavering attention to detail.

Did you know that a very mild electrical current circulates within your skin?
Microcurrent is very close in nature to this current and is said to be used for treatments in esthetic salons.
All ReFa products are designed with a built-in solar panel to capture light and generate microcurrent.
This allows you to conveniently care for your skin on a daily basis with cutting-edge technology that doesn’t require any battery charging.

What is commonly shared by all beautiful people?
We feel that it is the “joy” that is felt when they are spending time polishing themselves.
What we value most is the quality of the time spent when polishing your beauty.
ReFa desires to change what is normally a tedious process into a moment of elation.
Pamper your skin and mind while gently rolling away your fatigue after an exhausting day as you lay back on the sofa. Indulge yourself with the gentle fragrance and smooth texture of our beauty lotions. Rediscover yourself through your continuous joy of self-refinement.
Providing you with such experiences is what drives the creation of each and every product.

To make your moment of self-refinement even more enjoyable, ReFa also focuses on the design, in the hopes of creating a revolutionary product that appeals to the heart.
Whether it is the roller itself or a lotion bottle, we pursue a design that is functional, comforting to the skin, easy to handle, and enticing to the eye, making you want to use the product over and over again.
Our design philosophy is aimed at sparking your affection, pursuing excellence in the feel and quality of everything including the packaging, product pouches and cleaning cloths.
From the very first moment you hold the product, down to each time you use it, each product is designed to satisfy.

We are posed the occasional concern – doesn’t the roller hurt the skin from gripping so much?
The ReFa CARAT, for example, grips the skin at a width of 11mm.
This width is the result of repeated tests and discussions with numerous dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, and holds no problems for the skin. We may develop all our products in-house, but we realize the importance of assistance from outside doctors and specialists.
Our ongoing collaboration in various fields, working together with other business and academic institutions on everything from basic research to presenting findings at academic meeting, allows us to pursue our passion to produce innovative ideas and deliver excitement to the world.

Since ReFa's founding in 2009, the Japanese beauty and wellness brand has expanded overseas to become a global presence with more than 10 million products shipped by the end of 2018.
With UNITED BEAUTY as our theme, we are evolving to continually change the shape and form of beauty culture by combining beauty devices and cosmetic products with bold and innovative ideas.
We hope that as a result of using our products, people from all walks of life will enjoy a better life as they indulge in beauty and enjoy new lifestyles. As long as there are people who continue to pursue beauty and self-refinement, we will forever continue in our challenge with the belief that our unique philosophy will change the beauty industry in the 100 years to come.