Spray from the décolletage upwards. Apply to both sides of your face and neck. For a thicker application, repeat two to three times.

1. Collarbone & Neck collarbone

First, apply from the inside to the outside of the collarbone. Then apply from the collarbone to the bottom of the ear.

2. Jawline & Cheeks collarbone

Apply from the tip of the chin to the bottom of the ear. Then apply from the middle of the cheek to the side of the ear. Finally, spray along the jawline from the bottom upwards.

3. Forehead collarbone

Spray up and down between the hairline and the brow.

4. Temple to Collarbone collarbone

In a circular motion, spray the entire area from the temple to the collarbone.

5. Point Care collarbone

With eyes and mouth closed, spray the eyes, lips and surrounding areas.