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First, use the Seagull CAXA line to scoop the skin along your chin, cheeks and forehead. Then use the four miniature Double Drainage rollers to knead your neckline and jawline on both sides of your face. Pair with our ReFa FACE-UP CREAM or your favorite facial moisturizer for enhanced product absorption and an even deeper massage.

*Drainage is a massage technique that estheticians often perform, and is not meant to express any effect that the product has on your body.

Neck Care

Run the rollers down the side of your neck toward your collarbone.

Face Care

Place the Seagull CAXA line across your chin and scoop upward along your jawline.

Cheek Care

Place the Seagull CAXA line snugly across your cheek and scoop upward in the direction of your ear, as though lifting up your entire cheek.

Jawline Care

Starting at your chin, run the rollers along your jawline to the bottoms of your ears.