This brush detangles hair and adds shine. When hair is tangled, you can't run an iron through it smoothly, styling doesn't go well, and the hair won't stay in place. Tangled hair is also extremely delicate. The cuticle is raised and damaged, which can inhibit hair's shine and bounce. This brush's three-level bristle structure allows it to detangle hair without damaging it. Brushing with the ReFa HEART BRUSH brings out shine by targeting all angles of the cuticle. The result is tidy hair that has a high sheen.

The three-level structure allows the bristles to take on tangles from multiple angles without putting stress on the hair. The long- and medium-length bristles are highly flexible yet resilient and designed for detangling. The short bristles are designed to only touch the hair's surface, smoothing it down to create a silky shine.

Place your index finger on the indent at the top of the heart and grasp the brush using your entire palm.

Although this brush does contain an antistatic agent, staticky hair is heavily affected by humidity and other factors, so we can't say for sure that the brush will help stop it. If you're worried about staticky hair, please brush your hair slowly.

Use it when blow-drying or styling your hair. Brushing gently from the hair's roots toward the ends will help you detangle it efficiently. [Note] Don't brush your hair forcefully if it is tangled or permed. This brush may not work well for tightly curled or coiled hair. When using this product while blow-drying, do not use it in the same spot for long periods of time (3 minutes or longer).

When you first start using the product, use it gently, being careful about how much force you're using and keeping an eye on your hair and scalp. Using too much force could hurt your hair or scalp, or damage the product.

You can, but don't keep the brush in the hot air for a long time if using it when blow-drying your hair. Doing so may deform or damage its parts.

We don't recommend using it in the bath. This product is intended to be used on dry hair.

Yes, you can. It's designed to be used on the go, so it comes with a cover that prevents the bristles from breaking or bending and keeps them clean.

Yes, you can. Brushing after applying hair oil helps to spread the oil across your hair evenly, and less stress will be put on the hair when you detangle it.

[Regular cleaning] We recommend removing tangled hair and dirt by sweeping from the base of the brush upward with a cotton swab, etc. [Cleaning when the brush is dirty] Wash the brush with water. After washing it, shake off any water remaining inside and wipe it dry. Then, put it in a well-ventilated, shaded place, and let it dry.

[Warranty period] The product is an everyday item, so it does not have a warranty period.γ€€In cases where you find any problems regarding product quality, including damage or stains, please contact the shop where you purchased the product or ReFa USA Customer Center. [Expiration date] The brush does not expire. If you find that it's not brushing your hair well anymore, please stop using it.

The brush has not been tested by the manufacturer for that kind of hair. The manufacturer does not intend to exclude any potential users, but the manufacturer is a Japanese company and there are no naturally curly hair users in that test market. Therefore, we have no information to state whether it will work or not.

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