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Usage for approximately 10 seconds is recommended.
Adjust the length of time you use it according to your body and skin condition. We recommend using it for a short time until your skin gets used to it.

The CO2 cartridge is filled with high-pressure gas. This means that according to Aviation Law, the product is banned from airplanes as either carry-on baggage or check-in baggage. Also, the product cannot be sent by air.

Please immediately rinse your eyes thoroughly with water without rubbing them. If any pain, itchiness, redness or other symptoms persist, please consult with an eye specialist.

When you screw in the CO2 cartridge, the pin in the upper case comes into contact with the cartridge, causing a CO2 leaking sound. Always apply pressure and screw in the cartridge as quickly as possible until it no longer turns.

The amount you spray depends on the environment in which you use the product. The standard period of use for one CO2 cartridge is 3 to 4 weeks, twice a day (a total of approximately 20 seconds when used twice). Anything less could be due to a gas leak. Please check to see if the CO2 cartridge is screwed all the way.

There is a hole in the cover (seal plate) of the CO2 cartridge for checking whether the cartridge is empty, dispose of it according to the regulations of your local government.

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