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ReFa CLEAR Brush Head

It is a uniquely shaped brush, to which MTG applied its unique processes for the Kumano Brush--called the best make-up brush in the world. There are four features to this special processing: (1) Tapered shape of 0.01mm for effectively targeting the pores. (2) Bristle tips that vary in height 0.5mm to follow the shape of the skin. (3) Cushion wave structure for producing a gentle touch on the skin. (4) We achieved a densely spaced, luxurious amount of bristles. (Tapered shape = the tip is tapered like the shape of a pencil.)

After washing all the foam completely off of the body and the brush with cold or lukewarm water, dry it with a towel. Also, wring the brush by hand to get rid of as much water as you can. After using a towel, stand it on its recharger to dry, and then store it.

As long as you follow the instruction manual (or Q & A) when taking care of it, bacteria can be washed away. If you are concerned about the brush being dirty, please purchase a replacement brush. (Every six months or so.)

If used and stored according to the instruction manual, our company recommends approximately six months as a guide for replacing it.

ABS resin and PBT are used.

・Parts other than the face, neck or décolletage
・Places with skin abnormalities, such as severe sunburn
・Eyes and around the eyes
・On body parts where hair removal treatment was performed the same day
・Wounds, or mucous membranes such as the mouth
・On body parts where plastic surgery or Botox has been performed.
・Places with swelling, pimples or a festering condition
・On body parts with metal, plastic, or silicone implants.

It can also be used on the décolletage and neck.

The brush head is a consumable item. If your skin is irritated during use or the feel of the bristles has changed, replace the brush head.

For reasons of hygiene, the same brush head should not be shared. To share, please purchase a brush head as a refill.

(1) How long have you used the brush? How have you used it? ↓ a, If it is more than six months, it is time to replace the brush so recommend that the customer purchases a new one. b. If it is within six months, explain the correct method for caring for the product as described in the manual. If the customer is concerned about the smell, explain how to buy a new brush. (2) If the customer is still concerned about the smell, we have confirmed in-house that baking soda reduces the smell, so please ask the customer to try this method. ↓ Method for removing smell with baking soda · Add 1 teaspoon (about 5%) of baking soda to about 100 cc of water, mix well, and immerse the brush for 3 hours, then rinse thoroughly with running water. Wipe moisture from the brush with a tissue and dry it in a well-ventilated shaded area.

We do not recommend doing so. Cleaning the brush in ways other than described in the instruction manual may shorten the life of the brush, and you may need to replace it sooner. We ask that you try the method and use your best judgment. We inform our customers that the brush should be replaced every six months. However, if it is cleaned in ways not described in the instruction manual, it may need to be replaced more frequently.

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