The pH is approximately 10±0.5. (Slightly alkaline)

It has a refined floral scent based on lavender and lily of the valley.

The fine, elastic and rich foam are efficiently delivered to your skin without getting pushed aside by the ReFa CLEAR sonic vibrations, so it can keep your skin soft and moisturized, while enhancing the washing effect.

Basically, twice a day, morning and night. However, it depends on a person’s skin type, and their skin condition on a given day or season.

We recommend using it to cover the entire face and neck (décolletage)

It can remove light makeup such as foundation and sunscreen. However, for makeup that is difficult to remove, such as eye makeup or waterproof products, use a cleansing product designed for such removal before using this product.

As we can’t tell what kind of specifications the device of another company has, it's not possible to say that it can be used. If you are thinking of using our product with it, please apply a little and try the device for a short time and see how it goes. Please refrain from the combination immediately, if a problem arises with your skin.

Store the product at room temperature. However, avoid storing it in direct sunlight or hot, humid locations. Also, do not store it in high places, to avoid dropping it.

Wash your eyes immediately. Should conditions persist, please consult a doctor.

It was researched and developed on the premise of being used by adults. As the skin of young children is not as developed as adult skin, we cannot recommend using it.

Do not use on areas where skin conditions such as cuts or inflammation are present. Be careful not to get the product in your eyes, mouth or parts of the mucus membrane.

We follow a policy of not conducting tests on animals when we develop products.

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