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What Are Beauty Supplements and How Do They Work?

What Are Beauty Supplements and How Do They Work?

Do Collagen Supplements Work? They Might Be a Fountain of Youth


You’ve probably seen collagen supplements everywhere, from TikTok to the shelves of your local health food store. And while it’s no beauty secret that diet and lifestyle affect the quality of skin, we’re just beginning to realize the importance of beauty ingestibles when it comes to skin quality. Can a collagen supplement reverse the signs of aging? Studies seem to indicate that indeed, when taken orally, collagen can improve the appearance and texture of your complexion. 


What is Collagen?

Collagen is an all-important protein, present in our bones, muscles, and ligaments and necessary for holding the body together. When it comes to skin, collagen is critical to helping new skin cells grow. And in concert with elastin, collagen keeps skin looking supple and plump. 

The aging process can slow our collagen production, which is why skin accumulates fine lines and wrinkles. Decreased collagen production can also result in sagging, dull looking skin Enter collagen supplements: the beauty ingestible that’s been making waves all over the world. 


How Collagen Supplements Work

New data suggests that when taken orally, collagen can boost the body’s natural collagen production. The idea is that collagen is ingested and through the bloodstream gets reabsorbed into the skin. Pretty cool, right?

Even better, many topical collagen treatments only penetrate the top layer of skin. Taken orally, ingestible collagen can boost collagen in your skin’s deeper layers, according to new research. Studies have shown that people who take collagen supplements have more supple, hydrated skin. The result: diminished fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll also notice firmer, more toned skin, as the uptake of collagen helps skin retain its laxity. It’s a win-win. 


The Research 

Peruse the research to read for yourself how taking collagen supplements can increase collagen production in the body, and result in younger, plumper skin. 

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