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Healthy Brushing Habits: Use ReFa HEART BRUSH

Healthy Brushing Habits: Use ReFa HEART BRUSH

How to Brush Your Hair So It Grows Strong and Healthy

We use expert advice from the American Academy of Dermatology to explain how to brush your hair without damaging it. Brushing too frequently or incorrectly, can cause breakage. At ReFa we know that shiny, healthy hair is the goal. Here’s how to get it. 

Have you ever heard that you should brush your hair 100 strokes a day in order for it to be shiny and healthy? It turns out, that’s a total myth. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair doesn’t need 100 brush strokes a day. The key is to brush your hair gently and to protect your strands from breakage using a proper technique. Ahead, we break it down for you. 

Benefits of Brushing Your Hair

Brushing your hair is essential for its health. Because your scalp is made up of oil-producing glands, the correct brushing technique can distribute these oils all the way to the tips of your hair strands, leaving a glossy sheen along the way. The American Academy of Dermatology emphasizes that gentle strokes are best to avoid pulling at your hair, or aggravating it, which can lead to breakage. 


How to Brush Your Hair Correctly

In addition to detangling your hair, one of the benefits of brushing your hair is that is helps get rid of loose hair. The American Academy of Dermatology notes that you can shed between 50 and 100 strands of hair a day. Proper brushing helps you remove loose hair for a healthy mane.  

Overbrushing or brushing your hair incorrectly can cause damage. The key is to brush hair gently in order to avoid breakage. Because hair is most fragile when wet, you want to brush only the ends of wet hair to start removing tangles. 

How to Brush Wet Hair

ReFa Tip: Be gentle with wet hair. Start with the tangles at the the ends first. Once you’ve removed them, you can move up a few inches and begin brushing your hair an inch at a time. Work your way back to the ends slowly.

How to Brush Dry Hair 

ReFa Tip: The trick is the start at the ends and move up to the scalp instead of the other way around. Divide your hair into sections. Remove any tangles from the ends of your hair first. 

Gently move the brush up an inch or two from where you started and continue brushing in a downward motion. Use slow movements to avoid any breakage. As you make your way up to the scalp, brush the entire length of each strand. 

Repeat in each section until you’re through. Remember to move slowly and gently.


When creating the ReFa HEART BRUSH, we spent time researching how to create a proprietary bristle system that’s easy on your hair strands and can maximize hair health when you brush properly. The ReFa HEART BRUSH has three levels with two kinds of bristles to detangle hair. This unique design allows for low stress brushing that adds shine to your hair.

Because the ReFa HEART BRUSH comes with a handy travel case, you can take it with you wherever you go, so just pop it into your purse on overnight trips so you can keep up your daily brushing routine wherever you go. Deliver shine all the way to your ends when you brush with our new system! Happy, shiny hair can be yours!